What if one of the prettiest girls you have ever seen was willing to let you in on all her secrets on how she achieved said prettiness, you'd be open to learning, no?  What if she went beyond just her secrets and revealed some of the secrets of famous beauties too?  What if that girl had an enthusiasm that was contagious and was able to teach you in a way that insured that you would have success? Are you all ears now?  Yeah, me too. I came across Cara above when someone pinned her '4 minute Mommy make-up'.  I am not a mommy but I could use a quickie makeover. I ended up spending about 4 hours on her site. I watched every video and made a mental shopping list of beauty finds that I might need.  I loved that she was willing to show herself completely bare faced sans make-up and we the viewer could watch the transformation unfold before our eyes (pure magic). I also love that she's a little goofy. Cara comes off as very genuine, I honestly felt like she wanted me to be pretty too and I am down, I want to be pretty!  Who doesn't?  I think I was most excited about the hair tutorials, I am coo coo for long soft waves and my only regret is I didn't find Cara sooner, I would have loved to have worn my hair like that for my elopement.  Even if Cara's exact look is not what you would do, I think that her tips + tricks are solid and easy to replicate which means you can dial it down a notch or two if you feel a less make-up look suits you better. The tutorial on highlighting and contouring is such an eye opener or what Cara says 'sets us mere mortals apart from the Stars', I am paraphrasing but that was the gist, after you watch her I believe that she will help us non-stars cross that line. I think this is as good a Monday tip as any I can give you. I hope you will find at least one tutorial that will make you happy that I introduced you to her and hopefully you will find more, enjoy!

P.S. Go to her site when you have time, not at work because you most likely will want to spend some extended time there and may also get an incredible urge to go out and get some of her suggested products pronto and well, if you are at work it might be a little tough, just sayin'...

Susan (November 26, 2012 at 7:32 PM)  

I can sure use the quick mommy makeover! Headed there now...babies are asleep so I can get lost for a bit!

Miss B. (November 26, 2012 at 10:50 PM)  

Susan, that's a good one because it's one of her bare-faced transformations;) Have fun!

win –  (November 30, 2012 at 1:45 PM)  

this is SO helpful. thanks Miss B! I cannot curl hair or do makeup for the life of me -- but she makes it look easy + doable!

Monica | Hola!design (November 30, 2012 at 9:25 PM)  

I lover her site! Thanks for the introduction!

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