While I was putting together this post I kept thinking, 'beautiful & useful'.  It's the most apt description for the mecca which is Kaufman Mercantile. The site is vintage general store come to life (and accessibility) for those of us not able to time travel.  I can pretty much say with confidence, even though I am a minimalist that I could take up hoarding when it comes to KM.  This canvas carry-all bag has my name all over it, no?  I was going to do a gift guide with other shops showcased, but it felt unfair to not focus on this one for today.  As you can see from the sampling above the offerings are as diverse as they are appealing--beautiful + useful. I chose items that are under $50, but still had impact. Flower seed bombs? For $50 you could create a pack of 5. What are they? They are brilliant, is what they are, you toss the seed 'bombs' into abandoned lots and come spring it explodes with wildflowers, flipping delightful if you ask me.  I am a fan of industrial and even though the wall-mounted school house soap is $55, I figured you could forgive my misleading you price wise, it's so worth the extra 5 bucks, right?   I know a lot of people don't care for soap bars, but this is a nice design that keeps the soap from getting all goopy and it looks cool to boot. A great gift for the Francophile in your life.  I am a bit of a Francophile (and Anglophile) and the Botot all natural mouthwash is another little gift that anyone that loves beauty products, labels and French royalty will enjoy.  It's a bit quirky, I do admit that but I love it and it stays in the round up (besides I love that pop of color).  It's definitely not a product that you would buy yourself, it feels a little bit decadent.  Speaking of pop, this has clove in it so use a little on a cotton ball and pat on your lips, it will give you a similar pouty effect to 'Lip Venom'.  I don't know any baseball fans, but this baseball is just too good not to share, it would be great for a nursery of a new baby boy, it's just such a looker.  I shan't keep you much longer, you must go visit my new favorite shop!

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