Last night before I went to bed I caught an awful sight--my un-manicured 'paws'.  I cringed, I didn't dare look at my toes, if my hands looked like this bad the toes might have melted my eyeballs.  Don't get me wrong even though I haven't been to a nail salon in a month, I was still breaking out the nail file, it's just that they looked so haggard and neglected.  I live out in the country now so a nail salon is a thing of the past unless I want to drive the 30 minutes to the big city, which I don't, heck I don't even know how much a manicure or pedicure would cost here.  In Los Angeles you couldn't walk out your front door without running into 30 mani/pedi salons for less than a cup of coffee (supply + demand folks). I did go to Target and get a French manicure kit, uhm, for someone that has never painted their own nails before it's the equivalent of getting your toddler to do an Iron man race, not going to be a success. I read that Sherry from YHL has given up on nail polish and is going au naturalle.  I think I need it, but that could be my former self talking, I'm trying to get her to keep it down but she's been persistent; yes, she even got me to cut my own bags this morning (prior to coffee) by watching 14,000 You Tube videos, the result?  Do you see a photo of my new bangs on this blog?  Okay, we can agree that it may not have been my smartest DIY. For the record I didn't go as short as some hair stylists have in the past.  I erred on the long side, it just seems I also erred on the crooked side.  I have crooked hair and scraggly paws, oh dear...

P.S. This new Essie color looks like it would be perf for summer, not?

Megan (May 25, 2012 at 11:07 AM)  

I am having the best time reading about your country adventures. Having lived here my whole life, it's fun to see things from an outsider's perspective -- like lightning bugs and the fact that you called it a stork, when it was likely an egret or heron :) While I think you'll find most things much less expensive here, a pedicure for the cost of a cup of coffee is not one of them (unless a cup of coffee costs $25 there, which is the going rate here for a basic pedi). But the lightning bugs and star-filled sky make up for it, right?!

Mrs Soup (May 25, 2012 at 12:00 PM)  

Awwww, you'll get it figured out! <3

And I'm sure your bangs look fantastic!

Erin (May 26, 2012 at 5:34 AM)  

Before I had kids I hated people blaming having kids on letting their appearance slide... But what can I say...? Now I've got kids, I look like a flippin' hobbit.
Sorry, my way of saying it could be worse, I'm sure you still look like a million bucks next to the likes of me ;)

Miss B. (May 27, 2012 at 10:09 PM)  

Megan, I did find out it was not a stork when my neighbor nearly pee'd his pants when I told him I saw a stork. He thinks it was a crane if some sort, but now I REALLY want to get my birding on and figure out what I am seeing. I did bump into two Guinea fowl down the road and a Muscovy duck, more on that later;)

Mrs. Soup, if only a 'cut your own bangs' story had a happy ending. It rarely does.

Erin, lol, I get it, totally, time is like winning the lottery. I understand that now being so far from everything, you need to weigh what's more important and if I can't get my lazy self without kids to get a mani+pedi there's not a chance with them, lol.

Spiral Style (May 30, 2012 at 7:44 AM)  

Scraggly paws go with gardening. I keep 'em short and unpolished in the summer. Good luck on the diy French mani.

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