I recently received a coupon from Photojojo for a discount off an Iphone macro lens. I had seen this lens before but hadn't paid it no never mind until one of our students used it for her entire series. I was hooked by the interesting perspective she was able to capture and when I received the coupon I knew I was going to be buying one. I have been experimenting with it every second I get. I am after all a master procrastinator and this is the perfect opportunity to focus on everything but the task at hand. These images above are macros of a Yucca plant, these plants are all over the City of Angels and to the naked eye are a drab olive green, to the macro lens they are colors that take your breath away, they could rival any peacock! I have always wanted to try macro photography but couldn't justify the expense of a macro lens, at $15 the Iphone macro lens is a happy compromise. I highly recommend it, especially when you are feeling in a photo funk. A macro shot can ignite a new desire to see the world in a totally different light.

P.S. My Photojojo lens took two days to arrive, so it was a super fast shipment and I didn't research to se eif you could get them anywhere else, but if you are on a budget last night I found them for less that $7 on Amazon!

Donaville (February 23, 2012 at 2:28 PM)  

Breathtaking indeed. I've been seeing macro photos from iphones a lot lately and it definitely has me itching to buy one. I had a really fabulous built-in macro setting on an old point and shoot camera that unfortunately bit the dust a few years ago. I couldn't justify buying a macro lens for my DSLR, but for $15 for the iphone, that's definitely too good not to pass up.

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