"Practice makes perfect. I knew this...and yet. There I was, complaining about my poor photography skills but only taking pictures for celebrations and blog posts. I decided to do Souvenir Foto School because I knew it would provide me the much needed motivation to take pictures every day. I figured I would snap a few pictures for as many days as I could and try not to embarrass myself too much. Instead, I ended up having an incredible time, meeting new people I still interact with today, and have on my walls some of my favorite pictures taken to date. I learned when the light was best in my house (4pm, by the dining room table) and figured out that whole depth of field thing. As a bonus, I posted my daily pictures on my blog, and it ended up being one of my favorite blog series to date."

If you think you are ready to make the commitment, than sign up here for our next Souvenir Foto session today! 

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