My scheduled mail pick-up didn't happen yesterday.  I was heartbroken as I wanted needed these two dozen packages picked up and delivered to the recipients and not sitting at my front door, looking forlorn as they were last night when I came home from work. There's not really any recourse with the Post Office, no one to pick up the phone and listen to you complain, it was in a word (or two)--a bummer. I have learned a lot about the Post since I opened my first Etsy shop, one is that tax payers do not pay for the Postal Service, it's an independent business, which to me means that the company should care a teensy bit more about their customers, no? With the scare of them threatening to shutter, designer + illustrator Matt Chase took it upon himself to create a re-brand to save the Us Post Office.  In my humble opinion it's pretty fantastic.  It's nostalgic enough to pull at the heart strings and modern enough to work for the future.  It's a fantastical project that will probably never come into fruition as their customer service needs a re-brand first and foremost (you know the expression about a pig with lipstick right?).  I highly recommend you take a second and peruse Matt's concept, it will make you smile, unlike standing in line at the Post will. Visit Matt here.

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