I mentioned last week that I found a new foundation that I was going to share with you, I wanted to use it for a few more weeks before I did to make sure it wasn't just that first flush of love that had me in rapture. I bought this foundation for my wedding. I had been wearing this amazing drug store brand the entire summer, but my complexion has been positively ghostly and the drugstore brand doesn't stock a color for sheet pale skin. I went to Sephora in a panic two nights before we were going to leave for tying the knot.  A sales girl had me sold on one brand and I knew I was going to be practicing the next morning to see if I could re-create her look. Well...the sales girl must of either been A) hyped up on my anxiety or B) sniffing glue on her break.  The foundation, concealer and powder were all for a girl the color of caramels or whom had a propensity for sitting in the sun with tin foil under her chin, not for a girl that if she passes a white wall becomes invisible.  I went back the night before my wedding and begged for a non-sadistic salesperson. I found him applying a magic powder to a girl with severe acne, within minutes the girl had a flawless and luminous visage.  I don't care if this magic formula had cost as much as my rent, I needed what she was having. I still balked at the $28 price tag when he brought me out the little vial, but after he applied it to my face, I was sold times twelve. It's a mineral powder base, which I am usually weary of because my skin is so dry, but it goes on so creamy, it is magic I tell you. It's completely natural, an added bonus (even though where I was mentally when I bought it I wouldn't have cared if they used bald eagle eggs to make it). You don't need a lot to get complete, flawless (but natural) coverage.  The best part you won't need a concealer or powder, so it's a one-stop-shop.  The only drawback is that the color choices are limited (only 4), but with the reviews flying around the interwebs giving it such high marks I am sure they are working feverishly to add more. If you never tried mineral foundation and were wanting to, I don't think you could go wrong trying the Korres Wild Rose one, it feels like liquid foundation just really silky on first application. The results are very natural, you only better. It's the only mineral foundation that I found works with my favorite cheek stain.  It's important for me in my advanced years to still be able to pull off dewy and natural.

Anonymous –  (January 4, 2012 at 11:25 AM)  

I wonder how it compares to Bare Minerals? Ever tried that one?

Miss B. (January 6, 2012 at 8:46 PM)  

It's very, very fine so it feels like liquid almost immediately. Bare Minerals is so easy for me to over-do, when I get it right I LOVE the look. This is a little easier to work with (I think) and you can use a cream blush over it unlike Bare Minerals;)

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