This image may sum up perfectly how I am feeling right not--like I am alternately walking on air or walking on a tight rope in cute (albeit impractical) shoes. I had plans to post this earlier, but as luck (or incompetence) would have it, I neglected to take my post from draft to scheduled. I have actually done this on several occasions since I moved to this new blog home. It seems it takes me longer than 6 weeks to establish a habit. I have been thankfully very busy with Besotted, which is the walking on air part, but I am also working a freelance job pretty much full-time which is the walking on a tight rope in high heels part. I did a soft launch of apothecary yesterday at a school holiday sale. I thought I was sharing a booth, but my booth partner never showed up so my inventory looked a bit  anemic. I asked for a smaller table which then made me look like I had an abundance of product--nice. I had no sales  (that's zip) for nearly THREE hours.  I watched as my booth neighbors signed sales receipts left and right, I wondered if I had a dud on my hands. I am happy to report that by the end of the day I nearly sold out of everything (remember though that I didn't have much inventory to begin with, so not as impressive as it might sound). It was still rather exciting. It was a great test market for the apothecary offerings both product + packaging, even though ideally I would have tested first with the ladies who so generously signed up to be my testers. I couldn't exactly grill my customers about all the questions that I was dying to prod them with. The name of the apothecary offerings didn't go over very well, it confused potential clients (again this is something I would have posed to my testers). For a branding professional such as myself I should have predicted this pitfall. It seems that only a few strange souls had an appreciation for antique science shorthand, go figure? Back to the drawing board on this one little (big ) thing.

I wanted to mention to you yesterday that I wrote a guest post at Melissa McCardle's Reverie Daydream blog. If you have ever read her blog and wondered if she was as nice, optimistic and pretty in 'real life', I can assure you that she is all those things ten fold.

photo by::tristan b.

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