As I draw this week to an end, I figured I would end it with some secret resources for replicating film effects. The trend for the look of film is at an all time high and a lot of savvy entrepreneurs have created some pretty convincing doppelgangers. I have gathered a collection of links for you to explore if you decide film is not for you right now but you still want the look.   The key to any simulation of the 'real deal' is moderation. Who knows, you may even develop your own film + Photoshop processing hybrid.

  • Clickin' Moms (don't let the name dissuade you) just released a set of film presets for Adobe Camera Raw + Lightroom.  I was very impressed with the samples and even happier when I knew they were available for Adobe Camera Raw (I don't work in Lightroom...yet).
  • I mentioned a truly talented photographer Sean Flanigan a few weeks ago. Sean offers both private classes and workshops.  I hear he is generous with sharing his post processing techniques which include film inspired looks. If I could afford a private class I would have booked it yesterday.
  • Totally Rad Actions, you may have heard of these Photoshop actions and I do have to say if you are going to lay out some dough for Photoshop actions you should lay them out for TRA. They are highly customizable, organized and just really good. For the filmy look try their Detroit B+W, it'll give you that low contrast, soft gray effect without being too contrived.
  • FloraBella classic film action, this just arrived in my inbox yesterday.  I think FloraBella creator Shana Rae does a superb job with her offerings.  I haven't tried the new set yet but I do own a couple of her other Photoshop action sets and they are excellent.
  • Tutorial for creating natural film grain in Photoshop.
If you have any resources you think I should add to this list please let me know in the comments.

::photo by:tristan b::

Jacqueline (September 18, 2011 at 11:25 PM)  

My absolute favorite is Alienskin Exposure, a plug-in for LR and Photoshop. There literally hundreds of filters in it that mimic different types of film, like Kodak Portra 400nc or Kodachrome.

Miss B. (September 21, 2011 at 5:03 PM)  

Oh thank you Jacqueline! I downloaded a trial and then got busy with work so never really had a chance to play.

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