Usually June in the City of Angels has a pastey pallor to it that Angeleno's dub 'June gloom'.  It's cold and dreary and generally miserable. Not so this June, this June it feels like the beginning of summer as evidenced by sunshine, blue skies and berries! I am a big berry fan, I don't care for anything that is too sweet, I have more of a savory/salty tooth, berries hit that perfect pitch with my taste buds of sweet with a tarty kick--heaven.  Speaking of heaven, I was recently introduced to a new yogurt that I am clearly addicted to (I've had it every day for about a month). The yogurt is called Liberte a.k.a. 'the best yogurt I've ever had in my long life,' I am partial to the coconut, again it's a little sweet for me (but I am sensitive to such things) so I mix with a Greek yogurt which makes the whole concoction extra creamy and delicious.  It was hard to find at first but now I've seen it in more markets which is great because where I originally discovered it I found that it was constantly sold out (seriously folks it's like the diet Coke of yogurts, they put a spell on it). Liberte is even better (if that's possible) when you top it with some beautiful berries.  It even has had one food blogger dub it 'the holy grail of dairy products' which is crazy talk because we all know that title is reserved for butter, but it just may be the 'holy grail of yogurts'. Do you ever do that, find something that is so delicious that you have to have I can't be the only one with this compulsive behavior now can I?

P.S. It would seem I spoke too soon as this a.m. has proven to be just as June gloomy as ever.  Well, at least I appreciated the weather anomalies and hope they return soon.

photo by::tristan b.

Jessica (June 18, 2011 at 4:41 PM)  

I love blueberries and yogurt! What a great combo. I will have to look for this Liberte and see if I can find it.

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