You'd think if one saw clouds like this on the horizon and bothered to shoot them that you may deduce that a storm was a brewing. Everyone else on God's green earth might, but Miss Oblivious B. may not put two and two together.  Wha?  I, (the aforementioned Miss B.,) had furniture in the backyard for a garage sale that shouldn't have gotten drenched and now may suffer from wood rot and stupidity (on my part not the furniture).  Heck I can't explain how my mind works (or doesn't), I just know I thought this was a tremendous photo-op and then I called it a night. I still stand by my decision to shoot but have to mentally flog myself for being such an air-head. Welcome to my world.

Damaris @Kitchen Corners (June 2, 2011 at 2:00 AM)  

That picture is amazing. I'm sorry about the ruined furniture but that picture is AMAZING!

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