I am a fan of the bee.  I always have been being a B. myself (Miss B. that is and not the other 'b' word). I feel a bit of a kinship.  The first time I was ever stung by one it was completely my fault and I accepted my fate.  On my pre-school playground I witnessed a bunch of bee's that looked liked they suffered a most unfortunate accident. They were heaped haphazardly in a pile below a tree. I was convinced upper school hooligans had vandalized their hive and I mourned their loss. I decided the bee's needed a proper burial. Whilst my brethren hung upside down from the jungle gym or joined their fellow pre-k's in a game of chase (oblivious to the horror's of the world at large,)  I took it upon myself to do the right thing and give the bee's a proper burial.  One bee had not yet succumbed to the grim reaper and decidedly did not want to be buried alive thus placing it's stinger smack in the middle of my tiny thumb--I would have done the same.  It hurt but not as much as knowing the bee died afterward as a result.  My career in bee undertaking was over in a flash.

I now prefer to admire the bee world from afar, so as to save both the bee's and myself from any undue harm. United Threads, Three Honey Bee Hives, is one such work that instills that admiration.  I revel in the the geometric hives the artist created and you can almost hear the buzz of the busy bee's.  It made me happy when I found it and I hope it does the same for you.

Whitney @ Whisker Graphics (January 6, 2011 at 7:31 PM)  

I love how your wrote your childhood memory. The word "hooligans" is fun to say and bee undertaking cracked me up.
PS: I know you could never be mistaken for "the other b" word. :)

Miss B. (January 6, 2011 at 7:35 PM)  

Thank you Miss Whitney, I appreciate that you think I wouldn't be mistaken for the other 'b';) And I agree hooligans is is a fun word to say, write and think.

Misplaced Country Girl (January 7, 2011 at 1:03 PM)  

That's a sweet story! I love bees for their honey. I wash my face with it everyday and it makes my skin glow. Yay to the bees!

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