Paperphine has been sitting in my Etsy favorites for way too long.  I re-discovered the Vienna based shop again yesterday and am happy to share them with you today.  Paperphine is the only shop I know of that sells 'paper yarn' a product so rare that you would have better luck finding a four leaf clover than another purveyor of paper yarn---I am duly intrigued.  Let it be noted that they sell some of the finest paper yarns around, which I wholeheartedly believe since I have never seen a live specimen of paper yarn in my life so I can not compare, but if their styling is any indication of their quality than I think you can trust that they will deliver.

Katie {Katie Company} (December 9, 2010 at 10:58 AM)  

I DIE! This shop is amazing! Will def be adding to my favorites!

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