I spied artist Anne Siems on the always lovely Melissa Loves blog.  Melissa did a fine job of pairing Anne's creations with outfits, so clever + creative. Melissa describes Anne's work as magical and I must say I concur, it was the first word that came to mind when I saw it.  There's also a delicate exuberance (if such a thing exists). The tendrils of floating wreaths that surround many of her works are like a champagne cork that is just about to explode, there's something celebratory mixed in with a healthy dose of anticipation. I couldn't think of a better (or more beautiful) way to sign off for the holiday then to showcase some of her amazing work.  I am particularly drawn to the deer but the swift fox is also holding court on my wish list.  

A very merry Christmas to you all, wishing you the best of everything now and always!

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