Just when I had given up on my Anthology magazine ever arriving it was plopped into my mail box without so much as a peep.  There should have been more fanfare, a ticker tape parade, a salutation from the postmaster that announced this long awaited gem, but alas, it was just me and the bills that were there to greet my new acquisition.  Was it worth the wait?  Indeed.  I love the petite size, very Euro and pragmatic. The paper quality is similar to Real Simple, a nice matte uncoated finish and substantial stock. Filled with photo's and brimming with possibility, I am impressed that this little beauty started out as just a dream.  I like to dream too and now I want my own petite magazine.  The best part of the mag?  I really loved the creativity that went into the Anthology ad depicting a cardboard typewriter with their tag line 'print is not dead.' Oh so clever & cute.

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