One of the things that I have become hyper aware of since I started this series (no, it's not how much time I have fettered away on Pinterest), but it is how quickly my weeks are flying by. When I realize that it's Wednesday I can't believe it, it was just the weekend and already I am half-way through the week?  It boggles my mind. I hear that when you get older time starts to feel like it speeds up because you have experienced so much more than say a child, so your brain needs less time to process and thus it feels like it is moving more rapidly. Does anyone else here feel like time is flying by?

Ok, back to the topic at hand, my fave Pinterest curator this week--Anouk B.  A girl from Haarlem, no, I didn't spell that wrong, she's from the Haarlem in the Netherlands, but fun fact Harlem, New York is named after Haarlem in the Netherlands.  Anouk is a photo stylist and if it feels like I showcase a lot of stylists or photographers in this series, I do because they have mad 'pinning' skills. I chose some of Anouk's more dark + mysterious pins, with tons of texture, it feels nice and seasonal (for the states at least, where we are getting cozy with fall).  I love finding new blogs via Anouk's pins and she is a very active pinner which I really appreciate, I love the thrill of new discovery, don't you?  The photo on the bottom of Sofia Coppola is one I haven't seen before, I love that. If you are looking for some beautiful European inspiration than please go visit Anouk B. via her Pinterest and be sure to check out her site too!

Monica | Hola!design (October 17, 2012 at 10:37 PM)  

oh, yes! her pinterest boards are fantastic, seems like I'm going to be repinning for a while!
thanks for sharing!

xoxo, monica

KirstyCupcakexo (October 19, 2012 at 6:59 PM)  

Great pick! Love the pins your featured - totally following her boards now x!

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