I was a little pre-occupied today completing a tutorial for another blog (not my own), that I neglected to work on the lettering post I had planned.  In a perfect world I would be incredibly organized and have posts written weeks in advance, but the world is not perfect, nor am I.  I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that I write my posts on the fly each day.  I like to think that I am being spontaneous but really I am being lazy. The whole not having a particular subject on a particular day has kept me in 'fly' mode, but I think that this year, maybe even this month I plan to get a little more organized here.  I thought I would start with Thursday being my Lettering post day, but obviously today I failed you and myself.  Not to fret, Friday is upon us and I shall write a nice big one tomorrow with loads of links!  These photos are of a rogue pond off the side of the road; a road that my husband and I take to get to the grocery store. It's so odd that it pops up out of nowhere. The pond is sandwiched between two houses and nearly abutts the road. I always worry that someone (hopefully not me) will accidentally drive right into it. I have been wanting to get a shot of it for awhile, but asking my husband when he's on a mission to get somewhere to pull over on the side of the road so I can take photos is usually futile. On Monday he was feeling generous with his time and acquiesced but kept screaming, 'be careful', which only made me feel jumpy and ill at ease. Standing in front of that pond is scary, it's as large as a lake and I don't know the difference except I don't think lakes are covered in lily pads. I saw a movement in the water and my husband said it was probably 'crocs'. I know he was just teasing but being that close to the pond/lake with the potential for a giant fanged dinosaur- like creature to pop its head out of the water and eat me for breakfast didn't sound like a good time. So, I turned on my heels and ran back to the car, until next time when I am feeling a little more brave.

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