In the grand scheme of things this wouldn't warrant much hoopla, but that doesn't discount how incredibly charming this tool is--a metal marshmallow roaster in the shape of a twig.  Delightful!  It seems like the States have become riddled with news of heat waves, which makes the option of roasting seem obscene. Come early fall this should be a wonderful pastime, roasting (gourmet) marshmallows on an open fire with your brilliant and good looking utensil.  You would be the talk of the S'mores ball--for sure. For under $20 this could be yours! 

P.S. I learned today that it is marsh-mallow and not marsh-mellow (a better name).  It's true that you learn something new everyday!

Pistachio (August 14, 2012 at 9:09 PM)  

That is the most awesome little tool! Went upstate this weekend and could have used this! As always, you find the best things ;)

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