Since moving to the South I have seen such a variety of insects the likes I have never known. The butterflies here are big, bright and beautiful (I catch a glimpse of at  least a dozen each day), the dragonflies with their iridescent bodies and gossamer wings make you sigh with delight.  There's other varieties of insects too that I don't care much for but I won't get into them here! I have always had an infinity for the lady bird, those teeny tiny little polka dot beetles that have been purported to bring luck to the recipient who spots them. I made the artwork on this stamp small enough so that it adds just a hint of whimsy to your correspondence, but would look darling on a tag for homemade jam or even on cloth napkins for an end of summer soiree.  Is summer really ending?  It seems both too soon and not soon enough as it has been a scorcher here.  I am not used to seasons so all this talk of fall has me excited for another new experience.  I am wishing you all a lovely weekend! I shall be practicing my lettering, working on the re-design of the blog (never-ending!), prepping for the upcoming Souvenir Foto School session and maybe getting to spend a few precious moments with my fur babies and patient + handsome husband! 

P.S. You can pick-up your good luck lady bird here!

Amy (August 24, 2012 at 7:34 AM)  

So fun! I saw a dragonfly the other day who was striped, black and white. He was so handsome I nearly broke my neck trying to get to my camera--alas, no avail.

And autumn, sigh. My favorite season of all.

Toi –  (August 24, 2012 at 8:39 AM)  

I'm so curious about this. Here in the midwest we call those lady bugs. I've never heard them called Lady Bird. It makes sense though. So I must that a west coast thing or an east coast thing? I love how different parts of the country have different terms. I'm going to adopt Lady Bird because I think it sounds really dignified!

Miss B. (August 24, 2012 at 9:41 AM)  

Amy, I am really looking forward to fall too, I have been in New York in the fall and know how pretty an East Coast fall can be:) And I only saw ONE dragonfly my whole life living in California, so seeing them here so plentiful is like magic (and they are fast).

Toi, in the West they are called 'Lady Bug', but out here in the South they are 'Lady Birds' SO much cuter, right? 'Lady Bird Johnson' our former first lady was born in Texas and nicknamed after the pretty bug;)

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