Since both you and my husband have been asking, 'What exactly did you get at Ikea?' I feel obliged to share and justify my purchases. I bought the wrong Expedit as mentioned, I was under the very wrong impression that I bought the one that you could use as a room divider, it's fine that mine is smaller I have to go with an alternate plan for it now, but I could use the storage space. I also bought the smaller version that I plan to turn horizontally and put on casters. Oh, you don't see casters in the above image? That's because in my haste and stupidity I didn't buy them so the caster idea is out of the picture for now. I do want them though because this piece is being put in my shipping corner of the studio and with the casters on it, it can double as a tabletop for packing.  Without the casters it's just a low bookshelf.  I also had intentions to buy two large versions of the industrial lamp shown, I have the perfect high ceiling to put them in and currently the ugliest (okay, not prettiest) fixtures up there now.  When I drove the 3 hours to Ikea they only had one which just wouldn't work.  It's fine because I think I changed my mind (surprised?) and will be adding plain industrial ceiling fans. I got the smaller plug-in version to go in the packing area.  I have carpeting in the studio, not my fave at all.  It's not hideous it's a nice neutral color, although it is plush (again not my favorite).  I got the Tarnby rug (the seagrass looking one) to go under my desk it hides the carpet nicely. I thought about adding the Flokati somewhere, but I think I had low blood sugar because there's not one spot it would work in the studio--I think it's going into the bedroom. Where's the desk?  Well, I had a diy go awry.  I decided to do a variation of this desk.  I didn't need it as long so I bought an unfinished door which would make it 80" long. The door was hollow so I figured I would glue two pieces of pine with super strength Gorilla glue to the underside of my door and then drill the legs into that. I stained it a dark walnut and kept the legs the stainless steel. I was all smug with my innovative self when after I brought the desk upstairs the legs proceeded to rip from the underside.  I can still use it and I am (for now) but it is rather wobbly and feels like it will collapse any moment. I just need to replace the top with something more substantial but I am diy weary right now. The Ikea assemblers should arrive any moment now so we can cue the angels singing. Almost there...

Claire H. –  (June 8, 2012 at 2:27 PM)  

Sorry to hear of your office foibles. I am getting the same Ikea Expedit for my new studio space but the large, 6ftx6ft size. Would love to hear how much work it takes to put together. Also, next time you want to drive 300 miles back to Ikea, they have some great and inexpensive work tables, the Vika Amon series. You can also order them online and have them shipped.

Mrs. Limestone (June 11, 2012 at 9:24 AM)  

Do you need the Ikea casters? If you dont mind waiting for them, I could pick some up for you and ship them.

Miss B. (June 11, 2012 at 9:38 PM)  

Thank you Claire, I bet the big one will look awesome;) Mrs. Limestone you angel from heaven! Thank you for the offer the assemblers picked them up for me and only charged me THREE times the cost, isn't that sweet? I am happy I put them on though it makes a nice height difference and spot for putting together packages. Thank you though!

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