This was taken in Oklahoma, it was more green than I imagined it to be, I suppose I always thought it would be wheat color; I don't know why, it's not like I have ever seen an image of Oklahoma from the highway before in my life.  I also thought I'd see more cows and horses, but I didn't.  I was worried that not seeing any mountains for such a long stretch might make me agitated as it is such a part of my life to look out a window and see a hill or mountain top, but I liked taking in the vast stretch of land all around. Of course, that stretch went on and on. We did not take the scenic route, we took the route that got you cross country in three days route and had miles upon miles of really not much of anything to see. If we didn't have the podcasts to listen to, I am convinced we would have just bickered the entire way. Someone may have lost an eye, but not anything too serious. Bella only violently vomited over the entire back seat of the new car once. I knew we should have gotten the leather/pleather interior instead of cloth. Coupled with her innate Frito/sweat sock smell the car was a rolling chamber of stink. I may never get the stench out of the vehicle. Tomorrow the quest for a home continues. We are both tired and irritable and just want to find something before the movers arrive. I had my heart set on one place that was above our budget by a few hundred dollars, I pleaded and I reluctantly got my way, with a resigned, "If you want it then it's ultimately your decision and I just want you to be happy." Okay, that totally translates to-- "If you make me take this I will move here, but will never let you live it down and will bring it up every moment I can.  If it turns out to be a terrible decision than you will be to blamed." I don't know about you but I so don't need that extra pressure, right? He is so stealth with his guilt, it's almost Ninja like. I am praying that we find something tomorrow, I'll keep you posted!

Christine –  (May 5, 2012 at 4:32 AM)  

Why doesn't my comment post????????

Miss B. (May 5, 2012 at 8:50 PM)  

Gosh, I don't know but I am shaking my fist at Blogger now, because I ADORE notes from sweet visitors;)

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