One of the sweetest girls I've ever met is Miss Danni Hong (actually a Mrs., but you know I love a good Miss, right?) recently opened up a delightful shop called The Wanderlust.  Danni's shop is a as sweet as she. There is a lot of vintage inspiration going on--think Anthro meets Japanese stationery shop. Danni, whom is also generous gave me these darling scissors, I already owned a pair of embroidery crane scissors so I think I now have the beginnings of a new collection!  Danni suggested I use them for props, for someone like me that has been struggling with my product photography I was so appreciative for the thoughtful gift.  The little compass, well that's just so apropos for a store dubbed 'wanderlust', it came as a topper on the gift she gave me, when you have a gift that has a miniature compass attached to it you know it's going to be good.  Danni's shop is closed for the holidays, but keep it on your radar, it won't disappoint.

Joy (December 17, 2011 at 10:28 AM)  

wow the scissors are so beautiful!

oh, hello friend. (December 20, 2011 at 11:28 AM)  

So sweet and thoughtful of you to post Miss B! Thank you friend :) Your photography is always delightful. Hope you're having a lovely Christmas, can't wait to get together in the new year! xo.

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