There's not much to say about this brand that you can't concur with your own eyeballs.  Aubin & Wills is flip, flappin' jackin' awesome. I thought I was so clever with my dancing elephants but alas a fox in a top hat may trump the trotting duo, maybe. It seems that the collective animal inspiration has shifted from owls as muse to foxes which is fine by me as I was getting tired of those big creepy eyes starring back at me from every blog and Etsy shop.  I can deal with a sly, debonair fox any day. You really ought to go over to the Aubin & Wills shop and check out all the goodness for yourself, because there's not much prose I can add that will surpass the enticing visuals that lay ahead of you. Fox in a top hat?  Why didn't I think of that?

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